Crafting and Launching and Sweets, oh my!!


When I feel stressed, I like to make things. Recently I’ve been making sharpie mugs, which is when you take a mug and write on it with permanent marker (oil-based is best) and bake it in the over for 45 minutes and then what you have written STAYS put on the mug. I got the idea from my friend Ciara, who is clever and fancy and made of win. I made ones with the first and last sentences of my book written on for my book launch. We raffled off a box of fine things I had crafted and books I like and stamps and things. It was pretty fun. I think I like making things when I’m busy because the part of my brain that likes to write is too tired to do it properly.

But, on the plus side, new book is out and there was a a…

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Quiet Hands

Just Stimming...

TW: Ableism, abuse

Explaining my reaction to this:

means I need to explain my history with this:

quiet handsquiet hands1.

When I was a little girl, they held my hands down in tacky glue while I cried.


I’m a lot bigger than them now. Walking down a hall to a meeting, my hand flies out to feel the texture on the wall as I pass by.

“Quiet hands,” I whisper.

My hand falls to my side.


When I was six years old, people who were much bigger than me with loud echoing voices held my hands down in textures that hurt worse than my broken wrist while I cried and begged and pleaded and screamed.


In a classroom of language-impaired kids, the most common phrase is a metaphor.

“Quiet hands!”

A student pushes at a piece of paper, flaps their hands, stacks their fingers against their palm, pokes at…

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The Book of Your Heart Series: Camille DeAngelis

distraction no.99

thebookofyourheart-eThree years ago as of this week, the novel I’d consider the “Book of My Heart” was published. On Saturday, June 14, when Imaginary Girls is officially three years old, I will tell you all why it connects so deeply to me and why I’d consider it the book of my heart apart from all books I’ve written or will write. I’ll also hold a giveaway for some elusive hardcovers!

So what is a book of an author’s heart, you may ask—and why say such a thing about one book and not others, when we love all our books and put pieces of ourselves into every one? I’ve asked a few author friends to share the book that holds a distinct and special place in their heart and tell us why. 

Here is Camille DeAngelis—author of the incredible Mary Modern, Petty Magic, and the forthcoming Bones &…

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